Muslims and The People of the Book

The Common Beliefs and Values Shared by Muslims and The People of the Book

Christians and Muslims have a great many beliefs in common. In the same way, Judaism also shares many beliefs with Islam. Each of these three regions:

* Believes that God created the entire universe from nothing and that he rules all matter with his infinite might.

* Believes that God created man and all living things in a miraculous manner, and that man possesses a soul given him by God.

* Believes that throughout history God has sent man such prophets as Muhammed, Jesus and Moses, together with Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Joseph and David. They all love all the prophets.

* Believes in life after death, the existence of heaven and hell and the angels, and that God creates our lives in line with His destiny.

The People of the Book are not just in harmony with Muslims on matters of faith, but also on moral values. In a world in which immorality such as prostitution, homosexuality and drug addiction, as well as a selfish, self-seeking and ruthless human model are spreading rapidly, The People of the Book believe in the same virtues: Probity, chastity, humility, self- sacrifice, honesty, affection, compassion, love expecting nothing in return ...

The Common Enemies of Muslims and the Peoples of the Book

Another important factor that draws Christianity, Judaism and Islam closer together is the atheistic philosophies that are so influential in the world at present, and the disastrous effects they have. Among the best-known and most harmful ideologies of our time are materialism, communism, fascism, anarchism, racism, nihilism, existentialism and atheism. Many people who have been deceived by these ideologies' mistaken ideas about the universe, society and man, and by their deceptive definitions, have either lost their faith or else fallen into doubt. Furthermore, these ideologies have pushed people, societies and nations into terrible crises, conflicts and wars, and inflicted horrendous disasters on the world. They bear a large part of the responsibility for much of the suffering and crises that mankind is still experiencing.

These ideologies share a common foundation as they deny the existence of God: They are all based on the so-called scientific idea of Darwin's theory of evolution. Darwinism forms the foundation of anti-religious philosophies. This theory claims that 'living things evolve as the result of chance and thanks to the struggle for survival.' For that reason, Darwinism's most important suggestion is that 'You are not responsible to anyone, you owe your life to chance, you need to struggle and even crush others in order to survive, this world is one of conflict and self interest.' That is the social message sent out by such Darwinist concepts as 'natural selection,' 'the struggle for survival' and 'the survival of the fittest.' This idea of morality encourages people to be totally self-interested, ruthless and cruel, destroys such virtues as love, compassion, self-sacrifice and humility, and portrays all this as 'the laws of life.'

This Darwinist indoctrination is definitely the complete opposite of the beliefs of the Peoples of the Book and the message of the Qur'an. Which is why Darwinist ideas form the basis of a world completely opposed to all three religions.

In the face of this fact, the people of the Book and Muslims, who all believe in God and accept the morality taught by Him, need to act together. Members of all three religions must work hand in hand to tell the whole world about the false nature of Darwinism, which lacks any scientific foundation and which is only being tried to be kept alive for the sake of materialist philosophy. They must wage a war of ideas against all the other destructive ideologies inspired by atheism (communism fascism, racism) and fight together against moral degeneration. When that comes about, the world will soon attain peace, security and justice.

Conclusion: Let Us Unite Around a Common Word

At a time when atheistic and materialist ideologies surround our world, it is important to stress the similarities between the religions, and to work together for our common aims.

In the Qur'an, Allah gives Muslims a command regarding the Peoples of the Book, calling on them to 'unite around a common word:

Say,'People of the Book! come to a proposition which is the same for us and you - that we should worship none but Allah and not associate any partners with Him and not take one another as lords besides Allah. (Surah Al 'Imran: 64)

We are issuing the following call to Christians and Jews: As people who believe in God and obey his commandments, let us unite around a common word. Let us all love God, our Creator and Lord. Let us abide by his commandments. And let us pray to Him to allow us to find the true path.

When Muslims, Christians and Jews unite around a common word, when they are understand that they are friends, not enemies, when they see that atheism is the real enemy, the world will be a very different place. The conflict, enmity, fear and terror that have lasted for hundreds of years will finally come to an end, and a civilisation based on love, respect and peace, and built on a common word, will be established.

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