(December 21, 2008)

Asia RFA: Where do you put Christian and Buddhist Turks in this?

Adnan Oktar: They will also be extremely at ease in that union. Their rights will be protected in the best possible way. Even atheists will be shown the requisite respect, interest and service. 

Adnan Oktar:  There is pan-Turkism, and pan-Islamism. And then there is the Turkish-Islamic Union. If people so wish, they can interpret pan-Turkism as the Turkish race being superior to all other races and that the other races will be its slaves.  People are naturally afraid of that. They think of Islamic Union. People may try to turn that into a ruthless system in which the harshest of rules apply. We have seen that in the dark pages of history. We have seen it in recent times. That is not what is meant here. For one thing there is the guarantee of laicism here. The system will be totally based on laicism, and that is most important. Buddhists will be first-class people and atheists will be first-class people. Muslims will be first-class citizens. Christians will be first-class citizens. Jews will be first-class citizens. That will be ensured through laicism.  There will be a climate of fervid love and security, as well as a military union and organization. Wherever there is terror. There is no need for bloodshed. People will be told to stop engaging in terror, and they will do so. Nobody will persist in the face of deterrent force. Wherever there is terror in the world, the matter will be put to an end if you issue a call to the people involved, telling them that what they are doing is a disgrace and that they should not do it any more. It will be an utterly determined force because the Turkish-Islamic Union will have an unbelievably powerful military. Whoever makes a request, the matter will be over and done with. And so chaos will come to an end. Injustice will come to an end. Nobody can deny that.

(September 14, 2008)

ADNAN OKTAR: I do not understand. There is a Christian priest and a Muslim goes and speaks to a Muslim. Our Prophet (may Allah blesss him and grant him peace) used to meet with them. The companions used to meet them. So what? One can talk to a rabbi. One can talk to Jews. One can even marry them, take their daughters in marriage. One can marry Christian girls. One can marry Jewish girls. One can eat their food, eat meat they have prepared. So why should one not speak to them. That is a courtesy. He visited him, and can be visited by him. They can visit one another's homes. 

(August 27, 2008)

Adnan Oktar: Sincerity is essential for the rise of Islam. We must be very, very sincere.  Allah says that only genuine servants are led to salvation. First, they must be sincere. And then when they are sincere, the Qur'an commands us love, forgiveness, affection, compassion, friendship and mutual aid. In other words, one cannot go to bedfull if one's neighbor is hungry. This is the kind of faith. A murderer is forgiven. Allah says it is more auspicious for you to forgive. That is the kind of faith it is. omeone who kills is forgiven. Allah says it is better for you to forgive. We even forgive killers, insha'Allah. That is the kind of faith Islam is. Great importance must be attached to art, science, beauty and love if it is to grow. It is very wrong to be contend with just keeping body and soul together and say let us not talk to anyone but be hostile to all. Islam is a faith that saves and embraces everyone. Islam is a faith that approaches Christians and Jews with love and affection. That is why it is wrong to look at events through the eyes of the 1800s, through the conception of Islam of that time. We are now in the 2000s. There is a 21st century conception of Islam. The subject is a conception of Islam that is totally compatible with the Qur'an ruling the world, and that is spreading. That is why Islam is spreading so fast. Were the old mentality to apply, the mentality of the 1800s, Islam could contract and shrink, Allah forbid! The reason why it has spread so much is this positive outlook I have described and a positive interpretation of the Qur'an. 

(August 16, 2008)

Adnan Oktar: Armenians also believe in Allah. They believe in all the prophets. They believe in Jesus and Moses and Abraham (peace be upon them all) and the Hereafter, so what more can one ask, what could be better? They are the People of the Book. And they are innocent, people of art who are devoted to Allah. They labor with that mentality. That is how they were all in Ottoman times. The Armenians were all artists, scientists and doctors. But then a corruption brought up by Darwinists smothered everything. The corruption of racism. The mindset of the Committee for Union and Progress. They have been filled with hatred for the nation for a century now. But the corruption of Darwinism has been eliminated, and we have buried Darwinism itself, thanks be to Allah.  

(October 6, 2008)

Adnan Oktar: In other words, we need to make it very clear to the Jews that we are their friends, that Muslims do not shed blood, that they are well-intentioned and loving and that they love Christians and Jews. Because they hear the word Muslim they think of crazed fanatics wielding swords and axes. Whereas Muslims are really affectionate, compassionate, sincere, modern, enlightened, progressive and rational people. Muslims are the highest quality people in the world. That needs to be explained very clearly. If we make this clear to Europe and America, there is no reason for this American policy of violence.

Adnan Oktar: America does not really have an oil question at all. People misunderstand that. America went into Iraq, but the costs there, the losses it has suffered, are incomparably greater than any oil. It has suffered huge losses and is spending enormously. It is not taking Iraqi oil or anything, no such thing is happening. America is merely afraid of terror and violence. It is afraid that harm will befall the American state, the American people, or other states or peoples. If that fear can be eliminated, if the Turkish-Islamic Union is founded, if that union's love and conception of friendship and brotherhood, its love for the People of the Book, the Christians and Jews in other words, can be emphasized, then America will breathe a sigh of relief and be able to relax. It will put an end to all its policies of occupation and violence in the world, insha'Allah.

(August 14, 2008)

ADNAN OKTAR: Islam can best be lived through laicism. Its most perfect form can be lived through laicism.  When laicism is lifted, hypocrisy enters the scene. Although people are not Muslims, they begin to say that they are. Imposition then enters the equation, a conception of religion based on compulsion. There is something called peer-group pressure. That is what happens when laicism disappears. But what happens in laicism? Armenians openly describe how they are Armenians and go and worship in their churches. Jews go and worship in synagogues. Christians go and worship in church. Muslims go and perform their salat in their mosques. Nobody interferes with anybody else. Everyone loves and respects everyone else. Atheists also say that they are atheists. That is unacceptable to us, of course, but an atheist can say that is what he is. A communist can say he is a communist. Laicism makes that possible. But what happens if laicism disappears? You ask a communist what he is, and he will say Alhamdulillah, he is a Muslim. Now what kind of religion is that? That is hypocrisy. You are forcing the man to be dishonest and false. The man must be able to say, openly and frankly, that he is a communist. The atheist must be able to state his position and the state must treat him with affection and protect him. That person must be a first-class citizen. In other words, nobody must be denigrated for his beliefs. People's rights to life must not be taken away. His democratic rights cannot be taken away. Because he is being honest. Allah created his belief in that form. That is what Allah says in the Qur'an. Allah says that there would be polytheists. There would be unbelievers, He states. Allah says that such people would exist. Who creates these? Allah. Allah creates. Allah says He could have created us all to be devout. He could have made us all devout, he says. But Allah has deliberately and wisely made people as they are. The advantage of laicism is that it bestows freedom on everyone. Religion and laicism are completely compatible. That was how it was in Ottoman times and will be in the future, insha'Allah.   

(OCTOBER 23, 2008)

ADNAN OKTAR: Turkey will certainly be Great Turkey, that much is certain. I can say and underline that with 99% certainty, 100% certainty. It will be the leader of the Turkish-Islamic world. The whole world will see this in 10-20 years. I am here, you are here, we are all here, and this is very clear, by Allah's leave. There is no other alternative. This is mankind's destiny, insha'Allah. That is how it will unfold. As leader of the Turkish-Islamic world, Turkey will in any case be leader of the Islamic world. The Turkic countries are in any event generally Muslim. But Christianity and Judaism are regarded as kindred faiths in Islam. In other words, they are regarded as the People of the Book. They are regarded with love. They are also part of the Turkish-Islamic Union... Allah says the People of the Book exist. We call them to Islam, but even if they do not become Muslim, they are still the People of the Book. Because they are loyal to the law of the Prophet Moses (pbuh). Christianity is loyal to the law of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and survives as a community that obeys him. We call them the People of the Book. Muslims can marry them, marry their daughters. One eats their food, meat they have prepared. You can eat what Jews have prepared. You can go to their homes and eat with them. One can be their guests and talk with them, you can stay over in their homes and they can stay over with you. What does that mean? It means an air of close friendship and brotherhood. What does it mean if someone marries one of them and lives with her as his wife and joins his life with hers? This is a bond of close friendship and brotherhood. Christians are also part of the Turkish-Islamic Union. Everyone in Christian countries bordering on Muslim countries can join the Turkish-Islamic Union. They can be invited. They can join if they want. They will be welcomed with joy. That is why Turkey will be the leader of Muslims and Christians and Jews. And it will offer them all peace, security and justice. Turkey is in any case doing that at the moment. It is doing that in Bosnia, and in Iraq. It is doing it in Afghanistan, everywhere. The Turkish Army is met with joy wherever it goes. But its scope will widen still further. Because the Turkish nation is very affectionate and delights in love and friendship. It will feed others rather than eat itself, or give drink to others rather than drink itself. At bed time it will give the best bed to guests rather than taking it for itself.

(January 15, 2008)

ADNAN OKTAR: Rabbis in the synagogues and priests in the churches are our guests. It is a sin, a disgrace and totally unbecoming to oppress them kill them or inflict suffering on them. These things are persecution. Not things any Muslims can ever do. There have always been men of religion in churches. They were there in the time of our Prophet (may Allah blesss him and grant him peace). They were placed under protection. Muslims protected them. We have a duty to protect them, a duty not to kill them. That would be persecution and murder.

(July 23, 2008)

Adnan Oktar: If the Jewish lobby is made up of sincere Jews, if Christians are truly devout, then one can meet and talk with them, if they are really genuine. Our Prophet (may Allah blesss him and grant him peace) used to meet with Jews, do business with them and have links with them. He also had links with Christians, and that is not a crime.  But atheist zionists and sinister masonic organizations, these are the problem. Communist deep state organizations like Ergenekon in Turkey are the real serious danger. I regard any links to them as deeply unpleasant. I regard it as wrong. Of course there are the three revealed faiths, and the faith of the People of the Book. In addition to Islam, the true faith, there is also Christianity and Judaism. Of course there will be links between Christians, Jews and Muslims. That is perfectly reasonable. It will be as it was in the time of our Prophet (may Allah blesss him and grant him peace). 

Adnan Oktar: When I say dialogue between faiths, for instance, it could be a Christian. You can go to a devout Christian's house, eat the meal he cooked and ask how he is doing. You can do business with him and talk to him. That is what I understand by it. That was how it was in our Prophet's (may Allah bless Him and grant Him peace) time. A Jew, for instance, comes out of the synagogue. You can go to his restaurant if he has one and eat there and talk to him, you can visit his home. One can even marry Christian girls. That is how I look at it. And I can see nothing wrong in it. I cannot, because that is what our Prophet (may Allah bless Him and grant Him peace) used to do. 

Adnan Oktar: When he comes that lovely prophet (pbuh) will be 33 years old. He will appear to be shining because of the cleanliness of his hair. The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will be a delightful person, very, very polite and very, very level headed. It will be obvious he is a prophet just from looking at him. He will work many miracles. People will see these and recognize him. He will complete his life here, insha'Allah. His death will also take place in this world. It is set out clearly in verses of the Qur'an. There will be nobody left who does not believe in you, Allah says. In other words, everyone in the Northern and Southern hemispheres will believe in the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), insha'Allah. Allah says that by the time of his death, nobody will fail to believe. That is only possible through his return, insha'Allah. He says that is a portent of the Doomsday. The coming of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is a portent of the Doomsday.

(October 6, 2008)

ADNAN OKTAR: Muslims are rational, affectionate, compassionate, respectful and respect all ideas. They respect Christians, Jews and members of other faiths. They watch over their safety, honor, character and everything. If they do not do this, then they have nothing to do with the faith, with Islam. Then he is someone of an original character.Someone may be under the influence of Darwinism or other philosophies. He may hold Marxist views. He may espouse anarchy and terror. So just saying one is a Muslim is not enough. If he is a Muslim, he must do what being a Muslim requires. If he does not, then it does not seem terribly logical to me to call him a Muslim at all.

(September 14, 2008)

ADNAN OKTAR: The Nazis slaughtered a great many people there, not only Jews and carried out mass murder. But they also ruthlessly slaughtered devout Jews. That is a ruthless policy carried out by Darwinist fascists, of course. It is a fact. I have described it in great detail. The Jews are a people descended from the Prophet Moses (pbuh), the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). They are very valuable people. I love the Jews very much. Isaac, Jacob, Ishmael, Joseph and Solomon (peace be upon them all) are all our prophets, and they are descended from that line; therefore, those who would seek to eliminate the Jewish line would seek to eliminate the line of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). It is unthinkable for a Muslim to remain silent in the face of an attempt to eliminate the line of a prophet. A Muslim will resist it. I myself am strongly opposed to it, and I strongly reject and oppose Jews' still facing oppression, attempts to eradicate them and all moves aimed at ejecting them from their lands.

(November 17, 2008)

ADNAN OKTAR: The Islam brought by our Prophet (pbuh) is one that contains laicism. Laicism alsorespects atheists. It has complete respect for Christians and complete respect for Jews. Everyone can live by his own faith, free from any pressure. Nobody will interfere with anyone else because of his faith, which means there will be no hypocrites. That is why laicism is essential. It should be noted that laicism is already a system of thought taken from the revealed religions. Islam did not take laicism from secularism, in other words, secularism is drawn from Islam.  

(June 11, 2008)

Adnan Oktar: I am of course very keen. I like Christians very much. I also like Jews very much. As a result of our work, young people in Israel have returned to religion on a large scale. Judaism has become much stronger in Israel... I want a Jew to be a good Jew. I want a Christian to be a good Christian. I want a Muslim to be a good Muslim. Let the churches be filled with Christians, and the synagogues with Jews. I want mosques to be filled with Muslims. I want everyone to love Allah and realize His existence. 

(September 16, 2008)

Reporter: In the Golden Age, will there emerge the kind of environment in which everyone, believer or not, Christians and the People of the Book, will be able to live together in peace, the kind of environment that existed 500 years ago in the ideal Islamic model, the Ottoman Empire?

Adnan Oktar: Yes. Especially in that form. The People of the Book, Christians, Armenians, the Orthodox, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Orthodox Jews, atheists, freemasons, buddhists and everyone will be able to live in complete peace and security, in full economic prosperity, as friends and brothers, within that environment.

(July 13, 2008)

Adnan Oktar: Yes. Of course people should be good. I want Jews, for example, to be more devout, Christians to be more devout, even better natured. I want Muslims to be even better natured. I want radicalism, violence, intolerance and lovelessness to be eliminated in that way. I want them to be replaced by love, peace and brotherhood. To give way to democratic thinking and freedoms. That is what I espouse. 

(September 15, 2008)

ADNAN OKTAR: We will live side by side, as brothers, in peace and happiness, plenty and abundance, with Armenians, Jews and Greeks, insha'Allah.  

( April 3, 2008)

ADNAN OKTAR: I am the exact opposite of an anti-Semite. I love the Jews very much because they are descended from a     prophet. They are descended from the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). I am also descended from the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). It is impossible for me to be hostile to them, because that would mean being hostile to the line of a prophet. What I am against is godless, atheist Zionist thinking.  But otherwise I love devout Jews very much. I feel a very serious respect for them. Everyone knows that.

ADNAN OKTAR: For example, we go to Israel and hold an anti-Darwinist conference. We want the young people there to love Allah more. We want them to abide more by the truths of the Qur'an. That shows how false the claim imputed to us is. The fact is that we love Christians and Jews, so long as they are truly devout. 

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, there is a fear, but not an insuperable fear, I believe. Because Islam is a faith that espouses tolerance, love and brotherhood.  Laicism lies at the essence of Islam. Christians can live according to their own beliefs, and those who do not believe in religion can live according to theirs. The same for the Jews. Therefore, laicism is something existing within Islam's own body. That is what we, the Science Research Foundation, and I as a sympathizer and honorary president of the foundation think. 

ADNAN OKTAR: Islam at the same time means freedom. There is no question of alcohol being banned in an environment where Islam is present. Alcohol is lawful to Christians, for example, and Christians can drink wine. That is how it was in Ottoman times.  Wine factories were open, there were places one could drink wine, non-Muslims could go there and drink and have fun. Nobody who truly espouses Islam wants to ban things. There is no logic in having separate sections for men and women in parks. People can wander around freely. In other words, a prohibitive, restrictive system is not something supported by Islam. In former times, in the time of the Prophet (pbuh), men and women were together in the markets, in the same environment. There can therefore be no question of drawing a line between them and separating streets and roads. That is an exaggeration.  

(September 7, 2008)

Adnan Oktar: For one thing, it is wrong to make so much out of differences of opinion. I mean, someone can be a Leftist, or a Buddhist or a Christian. Christians are in any case our brothers. He may be Jewish, and they are also very dear to us. Armenians are very drear to us...  We feel the same towards People of the Book. It is said that there are Christiansthere. So who should be there? Christians in Ottoman times or in the time of our Prophet (pbuh). Does Allah not refer to the existence of Christians in the Qur'an? Is it not Allah Who created Christians? What more do you want? They believe in Allah, His Book, the Gospels and the Torah, in other words. They believe in Abraham (pbuh) and all the prophets. Does one want them to be unbelievers or what? Why should people not be Christians? That is the destiny Allah has created for them. So who are you to legislate about it? It is Allah Who will issue commands. 

Adnan Oktar: No, no. Let us join the European Union. But there are two ways of joining. One is to ask for money and opportunities and work. But that is unfitting to the Turks. I cannot conceive of such a thing. Or we can go in as royalty. Let us bring wealth to a rich and powerful Europe.  In other words, let us join together with our gifts, money and sources of wealth. For example, let us offer them minerals and oil. We can even offer money and do their building for them. Let us go into Europe with a mighty wealth and majesty. Europe is a civilization we need to have links with. Its democracy is excellent. Its conception of laicism is excellent. Its art and conception of cleanliness and lovely buildings are excellent.  Its streets and everywhere are very clean. The conception of art and beauty and art in Europe is wonderful. Let us join Europe by improving still further on these things. Let us offer them such art and science and industry that Europe will be even better and let us be brothers with Europe. Because they are the People of the Book. Why should we be divided? Of course we must be together. But on those conditions.

(December 27, 2008)

ADNAN OKTAR: Muslims must smash idols. The worst and only idol in the world is Darwinism. It is this that lies at the root of the pains Muslims are suffering at the moment, all their sufferings right since the time of Sultan Mahmut II. It is this that underlies the imposition of the deep state. That is what lies behind all the oppression and slaughter inflicted on Muslims. It is also that which underlies the sufferings of the Jews in Israel. It is the atheist zionists who are in power in Israel. And the shedders of blood are again atheist zionists. In other words, the government in Israel is generally in the hands of atheists. And the oppression perpetrated by atheists is not directed toward Muslims alone, but also toward Jews. They do not allow devout Jews even to breathe. Devout Jews are really unhappy about it.

(October 3, 2008)

ADNAN OKTAR: The Qur'an tells us we must feel affection for the Jewish people, for the Jews. Generally speaking, we must feel love for the Jews. I mean, if someone is a genuine Jew and sincerely wants to live by his faith, he is one of the People of the Book. And if one wishes, one can marry these people, marry their women. One can eat with them and have business relations and social relations with them, and live in the same part of town. We can live as brothers. In that sense, love for the Jews is a religious obligation. This is very normal and useful, and itself an act of worship. But the real danger, and the problem we face, is that godless Jews portray themselves as devout and seek to rule the world, under the influence of satan and with their links to freemasonry. Otherwise, no harm comes to anyone from devout, sincere Jews, who merely live according to their own religion. They seek to abide by the commands of the Torah and Islam protects them. They are protected within the measure of the Qur'an. But the danger is that there is a Darwinist, godless Jewish community. These dominate the press, the television, politics and freemasonry. If the Jews here were genuinely devout, they would reveal that influence in the press. For example, there is constant atheist and Darwinist propaganda in the great press, the press under Jewish control. Since they are the People of the Book, I do not say they should engage in propaganda for Islam, but since they are devout they should espouse Allah and say, "Allah exists." They should espouse the Prophet Abraham , and Ishmaeland Jacob (peace be upon them all) and the prophets of the past, and tell people about the Hereafter and justice. There are many references to these in the Torah that are compatible with the Qur'an. A great many are compatible, and they should talk about those. In that sense, I mean, everyone loves the Jews and feels affection for them. The problem stems from the atheist zionists. 

IRAN TV:  On that basis, what was the main reason behind zionism, and did zionism emerge with Theodor Herzl or how and how did its emergence begin? 

ADNAN OKTAR: The region where the Jews currently live is their homeland, and they must be allowed to live there. That is perfectly normal. In other words, it would be abnormal to try to exile them from there or to get rid of them. According to the Qur'an, that is their homeland. That is what the Qur'an states. Their forebears' graves are there, they spent their lives there, so of course they will live there. . But it is wrong for them to claim to control the region, to rule it through military force. Let them live from one end of Israel to the other, on Turkey's eastern borders, everywhere in Turkey, and do business and work in science, in freedom and under the state's guarantee. Muslim men can marry Muslim or Jewish women. They live side by side, so they can worship in their synagogues if they wish. These are excellent things, but there is also zionism, controlled by satan, directed by satan.

ADNAN OKTAR: No, that appears in the Torah and is referred to in the Qur'an. Allah  sent them an affliction when these people turned away from Him. He states that in the Torah. Allah says, "I will disperse you over the world." He says that this is an affliction upon them. But if you pull yourselves together and return to Allah, if you live by the love of Allah, then I will send you back to your homeland and you will live at ease there, He says.

They are currently dispersed across the world and do not genuinely live by their faith, they have nothing to do with religion.  There are two kinds of zionism. One is the idea of wishing to live in peace in the region, of seeking security, or worshipping and doing business in the land of their forebears. I am a supporter of zionism in that sense.  In that sense, I am also a zionist. Because that is what the Qur'an says. It is something espoused by the Qur'an. Of course they must live and be happy and remember Allah. That is what we want, too. They will want it. Let them become Muslims if they wish, if they have the strength and will. But if not, let them live by their own faith, trying to live by the truths of the Torah. They are the People of the Book. They are under protection. In that sense, we have no problem with zionism. But there is a second kind of zionism. And that is the zionism we have a problem with. The zionism under the control of the masons. This rules the world. It rules the world media, the press and politics. There is a zionism under the control of the world's major masonic lodges that has the whole world in the palm of its hand. Note how these people never speak of Allah. What kind of zionist is that? Can you have a zionist who maintains that Allah does not exist? That means they must be something else.

ADNAN OKTAR: Of course, sincere evangelicals, sincere Christians are used in America. We have to differentiate. It would be irrational to be inimical toward evangelicals. They are the People of the Book, so why be against them? The Jews in Israel are the People of the Book, and why should we be against them? But we must oppose those who use them, and that is the truth of the matter.

(September 29, 2008)

ADNAN OKTAR: For example. The Jews embrace him very well. There is a picture of him with a bread... Because he is someone who has bowed his head to Allah, who feels a deep love for the Prophet Moses (pbuh), who has not abandoned the Prophet Moses' law. We are proud of him, and he loves Allah and all the prophets, so why should we be against such a person? We love such people. It is atheist zionism we are opposed to.

(January 13, 2009)

Adnan Oktar: Atheist zionists' objective in these attacks is to intimidate Muslims, and they mistakenly imagine they can weaken them by so doing.  They are also engaged in attacks against devout Christians and Jews. This is the "Dajjal's" idea. It is the Dajjal's way of behaving. The behavior of the Dajjal is well known. Accounts say that "The Dajjal will surround and besiege believers at a place near the al-Aqsa Mosque...And he will so afflict believers with hunger that..." At the same time, this is one of the assaults of the Dajjal. The system of the Dajjal has appeared. They have long adopted this attitude toward Muslims. Muslims need to ally themselves together against them. It is a sin for Muslims to be divided. It is obligatory for them to unite. Insha'Allah, there will be an Islamic Union, and that union will put an end to all these scourges and disasters, insha'Allah. 

(June 21, 2008)

Adnan Oktar: Of course love will be the only thing in the Islamic Union. There will be peace, security and brotherhood. Jews will be happy, Christians will be happy and Buddhists will live at ease. Everyone will live at ease, in peace. There will be an excellent, peaceful society in which science, art and technology develop to their fullest extent. 

(October 20, 2008)

ADNAN OKTAR:  I of course advocate laicism; laicism is a guarantee of the Islamic, Muslim, way of life. Because hypocrisy emerges in the absence of laicism. The thing to pay attention to in freedoms is the honor and respect of the other side, that there should be no action taken against that honor.  Someone may want to drink alcohol. Christians can drink alcohol, and Jews, and atheists can drink within their own beliefs, and nobody can interfere. In that sense it will not disturb anyone. But if someone drinks and then behaves badly and disturbs the peace, then of course the state will have to intervene.

(October 14, 2008)

ADNAN OKTAR: I love all Muslims, of course. I regard them as all on the same path, as brothers. I do not regard them as holding different views. I also love Christians and Jews and regard them as friends of Allah.  We all love Allah. They believe in the one Allah, too, and I believe in the one Allah . We are all brothers.

ADNAN OKTAR: I know nothing about the existence or otherwise of such a person. But in general terms, Islam, Christianity and Judaism offer people affection, compassion and love. They want people to live in peace and as brothers. Bloodshed, terror, violence and the killing of the innocent is a sin in Islam, in the Qur'an. And it is a sin in Christianity and Judaism. There is no compulsion in Islam. That is a devilish belief. Terror and violence are the sword of satan. And that stems from Darwinism. All the terrorists, fascists and communists in the world have received a Darwinist education and are fanatics who give the impression of believing in Allah even though they do not believe in Him at all.

ADNAN OKTAR: Of course. Anti-Semitism is a plan aimed at eliminating our Jewish brothers, a holy line descended from the prophets; it is a measure adopted by satan to rid the world of the line of the prophets. I am naturally opposed to that with all my heart and soul, and in that sense I would defend them with my life. I regard the Jews as my brothers and am very fond of devout Muslims. But atheist zionists are their enemies, the enemies of devout Jews. It was atheist zionists who caused Hitler to slaughter them. Atheist zionists are an insane, maddened force that aims to wipe out devout Jews in Israel. Atheist zionists and freemasons operate hand in hand and receive their instructions from satan. They have literally adopted satan as their god, and they do what he tells them. One of them goes into a trance and they contact satan in that way. They then oppress mankind by doing just what he commands them. This is a very detailed subject, but that is the essence of it.

(December 26, 2008)

ADNAN OKTAR: No, no. Why should Israel be destroyed? They are our brothers. We will show them the Muslim soul, what it means to be a Muslim. We will show them Muslim love and compassion, our respect for the People of the Book. We will also show our Armenian brothers. We will make sure they live in peace. We will offer them Islamic justice, social justice, love and compassion in all their beauty.

(July 23, 2008)

Adnan Oktar: Yes, if truly devout people stood up on both sides on Cyprus, no genuine Christian, no true Greek would ever support slaughter or take part in gang activity or shed blood, because such people are full of love. But as we know, Makarios adopted a very harsh, bloodthirsty and destructive policy at that time.  Grivas was the same, but the ignorance of that time is now a thing of the past. They may have done what they did out of ignorance. As a race we do not bear grudges. We know how to forgive. All that is needed is for things to calm down and everything will be all right.  Obviously, nothing can come of hatred. Nothing can come from feelings of revenge, and no true Muslim, Christian or Jew can do that. We must straight away become brothers, and heal our wounds and continue on our way. Cyprus has the potential to be very wealthy and to improve both materially and spiritually. It is a lovely place. 

(September 23, 2008)

ADNAN OKTAR: In summary, all the doors are opening. We are two nations, two faiths, but brothers.  We love and respect the Christians very much. They are our brothers. Let them go and worship in their churches. Let the Greeks come here and we can have fun and eat and drink together. But our states are separate, in the same way that we have separate homes but go and visit one another in them. We chat and enjoy ourselves in that same way. Why should they take offense at our having a state, at Turkish troops? Turkish troops bring love there, and friendship, and are a security guarantee for them.

(November 2, 2008)

Adnan Oktar: Islam gave rise to laicism. Laicism is not something subsequently embedded to Islam . People imagine the laicism is a Greek invention.  They imagine it comes from Ancient Greece, from that time. Or that it is a system implemented by the French. Laicism exists in all religions, all the revealed religions. Laicism is derived from the revealed religions. It exists in Christianity, for example, and in Judaism. Laicism was present in the faith of the Prophet Abrahim (pbuh). Laicism was taken from the revealed religions. The benefit of it is that, that there is no hypocrisy, no fraud, everyone openly states what he is, and Muslims can thus live at ease. Turkey is a good model in that regard.


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